Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon / Duathlon

Saturday June 23, 2018


Event Highlights
A Unique Evening Event
Out and Back cycle course on Jasper Highway
Official performance certificate available online
Finisher Medals


Saturday June 23, 2018
Riverdale Road/Pine Street, Smiths Falls, Ontario

Event Distances :
Sprint Triathlon & Relay : 500m Swim /20K Bike / 5K Run
Super Sprint Triathlon : 200m Swim / 20K Bike / 5K Run
Try A Tri : 200m Swim / 20K Bike / 2K Run
Sprint Duathlon : 2K Run / 20K Bike / 5K Run
Sprint Swim Cycle : 500m Swim / 20K Bike

COURSE Details

Race Day Start Schedule :
Sprint Duathlon Start : 6:00 p.m.
Sprint Triathlon/SwimCycle Men Start : 6:05 p.m.
Sprint Triathlon/SwimCycle Women & /Relays Start : 6:10 p.m.
Super Sprint/Try A Tri Start : 6:15 p.m.

Directions & Parking
Smiths Falls is on Hwy. 43 between Ottawa and Kingston. Race Kit Pick Up is on site - Google Riverdale Road and Pine Street intersection. Parking will be located wherever it is legal to park near the race site (not on Jasper Ave, or Jasper Highway please!)

Race kit pick up & registration
Saturday June 23
On site - Riverdale Road/Pine Street area

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Course Description
The swim course is an out and back triangle course starting in the Rideau River adjacent to the Econo Lodge just below the Combination Lock at the Beckwith St. Bridge. The course is marked by large swim buoys and is supervised by qualified marshals and lifeguards. Sprint swimmers swim out 250 metres make a sharp right turn and return to the swim exit at the Green Nineteen Buoy near the Block House on the shore opposite the Comfort Inn.
There is a 100 metre run from the river's edge to the Transition Zone.

Swimmers must wear the swim cap provided. Wetsuits are always optional at Somersault events. (click here for the swim map)

2.1 Km Run
Click here for the run map
The run begins at the Finish Line adjacent to the T-Zone on River St., or in the T-Zone (Try a Tri*). Runners proceed towards Lower Reach Park on the recreational pathway (firm gravel) and complete a loop around the park returning to the Transition Zone.
*Try-a-Tri last 2.1 Km Run - exit transition zone at Run In sign - at the east end of the transition zone.

21 Km Cycle Course
C lick here
for the bike map
Cycle Course
The cycle begins at the Transition Zone on River St. It follows River St. to the corner of Jasper Ave. where it turns left onto Jasper Ave. and follows Jasper Ave. and makes a right hand turn onto Jasper Highway. It is an out and back ride of 20.5Km.

5Km Run
Click here for the run map
Runners exit the T-Zone onto the recreational pathway and head along the river pathway underneath the Beckwith St. Bridge to Abbot St. Runners turn around at Abbot Street. They then return along the same path under the Beckwith Street Bridge. After passing under the bridge, the runners turn immediately right across a small pedestrian bridge, up a sharp hill, and onto the Beckwith Street Bridge. Runners cross the bridge and continue on Beckwith St. to the corner of Chambers St. They turn right on Chambers and follow Chambers to the corner of Elmsley St. where they turn right. Runners follow Elmsley St. to Old Slys Rd. where they turn right. They follow Old Slys Rd. across the canal and turn right into Lower Reach Park. They then follow the recreational pathway to the finish Line on River St.

MorE RACE Details

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