Sydenham Triathlon / Duathlon

Sunday July 8, 2018


Event Highlights
Beautiful spector-friendly course
Peaceful run on the Cataraqui Trail
Official performance certificate available online
Finisher Medals


Sunday July 8, 2018
Memorial Park Point - Sydenham, Ontario

Event Distances :
Olympic Triathlon & Relay : 1500m Swim / 40K Bike / 10K Run
Sprint Triathlon & Relay : 500m Swim /20K Bike / 5K Run
Super Sprint Triathlon : 200m Swim / 20K Bike / 5K Run
Try A Tri & Relay : 200m Swim / 20K Bike / 2K Run
Sprint Duathlon : 2K Run / 20K Bike / 5K Run
Half Iron Swim / Cycle 1800m Swim / 90km Bike
Olympic Swim / Cycle : 1500m Swim / 40K Bike

COURSE Details

Race Day Start Schedule :
Olympic Triathlon : 8:30 a.m.
Olympic SwimCycle : 8:30 a.m.
Olympic Tri Relay : 8:30 a.m.
Sprint Triathlon (Men) : 9:30 a.m.
Sprint Triathlon (Women) : 9:35 a.m.
Sprint Duathlon : 9:50 a.m.
Sprint Triathlon Relay : 9:35 a.m.
Super Sprint Triathlon / Try A Tri  :  9:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. *(as soon as Sprint swimmers clear the course)

Directions & Parking
Sydenham is located North of Kingston. It can be reached by taking Regional Rd. 9 (Sydenham Rd.) (Exit 613) North from Highway 401 to Rutledge Rd. Turn left on Rutledge, which takes you right into the Town of Sydenham.
Parking is available at Sydenham High School, and Lougborough Public School at the corner of Rutledge Rd. and Wheatley St. as you enter Sydenham. You must park there, as the road is closed for the event.

Race kit pick up & late registration
Saturday, July 8
Sydenham High School
Wheatley St. at Rutledge Rd.
Sydenham, Ontario
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday July 9
Sydenham High School OR Race Site (TBD by weather*)
Wheatley St at Rutledge Rd.
Sydenham, Ontario
7:00 a.m. until 1 hour prior to your chosen event distance

*Weather permitting, we may move Sunday morning pick up directly to the race site. The school will be open for washrooms but kit pick up would be near the finish line. Timing chips and body marking will be close by as well.

Course Description
1500, 500 and 200M Triathlon Swims
The swims are in Sydenham Lake to and from the Town's public beach. Click here for the map!
Each swim is a triangle course starting on the South side of the point where the beach is located, and finishing on the North side of the point.
Water temperature is expected to be 23 degrees Celsius in July. Decisions on the number and order of the waves will be made on July 12 and communicated to the participants at the Race Orientation session and at race kit pick up.

2Km First Duathlon Run/Try A Tri Run
The Duathlon Run begins on Wheatley St., and the Try a Tri last run starts in the T-Zone. The runs travel North along Wheatley St. to George St. They then turn right onto George St., and proceed along George to the Cataraqui Trail where they turn right onto the trail.

The Run continues along the trail to the '2Km Run Turn Here' sign They turn around here, and retrace their route back to the T-Zone or the Finish Line.

20Km Cycle Course
The 20Km cycle is an out and back course which begins at the exit to the Transition Zone on Point Rd. in the Park. Cyclists travel West along Point Rd. which is closed to traffic during the event . They turn left (South) onto Wheatley Rd. (closed to all but local traffic) and proceed along Wheatley St. to Rutledge Rd., where they turn left (East) onto Rutledge. Cyclists travel East on Rutledge to Perth Rd., where they turn around and return on the same route back to the T-Zone. Rutledge Rd. is open to motor vehicle traffic, so proceed with caution.

40Km Cycle Course
The 40Km cyclists travel the same route as the 20Km cyclists above, and return to the park at the end of their first loop. They will then make a U-turn near the Mount/Dismount line, and repeat the above 20Km cycle course a second time, before returning once again to the bike finish at the T-Zone.

Nature of the Cycle Course
The cycle course is a great one. It features a challenging climb out of the Town of Sydenham, and a scenic, rolling, and well paved highway to Perth Rd. and back. The roads other than as indicated, are shared with motor vehicle traffic, and cyclists as always, should exercise caution.

Map of the Cycle Courses
Click here
for a map which outlines the 20, 40Km courses.

5 & 10Km Runs
The runs begin on Wheatley Rd. adjacent to the football field. The runners follow an out and back course. They travel North along Wheatley St. to George St. They then turn right onto George St., and proceed along George to the Cataraqui Trail on their right.

Runners turn right onto the Cataraqui Trail and continue along the trail to the 'Turn Here' sign, and retrace their route back to the ‘Turn Here' sign near the Start Line, and then proceed through the stadium gate, to the Finish Line on the track (5Km Runners only) in Point Park. The 10Km runners proceed to the furthest 'Turn Here' sign at 5Km, and then turn to head back to the Finish Line.

Map of the Run Courses
Click herefor a map which outlines the 2, 5, & 10Km courses.

Nature of the Run Course
The run course is a predominantly flat one. It consists of a short stretch of in town paved roads, and then the firm. graveled, and well used Cataraqui Trail. The majority of the 5Km and 10Km course travels beside Sydenham Lake on the Cataraqui Trail.

Water Stations on the Run Courses
There are water stations on the run courses at the 1.25Km, 3.75Km, 6.25Km, and 8.75Km points The stations have water and eLoad or Skratch brand fluid replacement.

MorE RACE Details

For more details race info regarding participation categories, entry fee discount and deadlines, conditions and race services, please visit our General Race Info page here!