general information for kids races

somersault wylie ryan kids' event series
We think our Wylie Ryan Kids' Series of events meets the needs of kids 11 years and younger who want to enjoy running, or swimming/wading, at their own speed.  There are 9 Wylie Ryan Kids' Series races in 2016. The program emphasizes and recognizes participation.  There is no minimum age, although we think the races are most appropriate for participants 6 to 11 years of age.

Wylie Ryan Kids' events encourage - and in fact require - parental involvement.  This involvement is for the safety and encouragement of all participants. Every participant in a Wylie Ryan Kids' Series race must be accompanied to the event by a parent/guardian. One adult may accompany several children.

Parents, friends or older siblings may accompany the participants during their run (at no cost), and strollers may be used for children who are too young to walk. However, parents with strollers must start behind the runners. 

awards and prizes
In keeping with the participation theme, each participant will receive a finisher's medal at the finish line. Although each kid will wear a timing chip and receive a finish time, we do not provide prizes or awards for place of finish and the results are printed alphabetically.

Results will be posted for information only - in alphabetical order. All participants are eligible to receive a draw prize if they are lucky, and if they are in attendance for the draw. Their results can be found online at

championchip timing band
We use Sportstats Timing at all Wylie Ryan Events.  This timing system requires that each participant wear a ChampionChip Timing strap on their ankle during the race.  This band contains a computer chip that allows them to be timed. No chip = no time.

You are responsible for obtaining the ChampionChip band on race morning from Sportstats at their tent near the Finish Line.  Do this at least 30 minutes before your race - earlier is better.  Races will not be held up waiting for those who forgot their Timing Chip. The kids' must return their ChampionChip band immediately after they cross the finish line.  You are responsible for the cost of your chip if it is not returned - and it is expensive!

post race refreshments
eLoad or Skratch brand fluid replacement , water, a banana, and a bagel are provided to participants in the finish pen at all events. They can be picked up following the finish.

courses and course measurement
Courses are measured by bicycle odometer.

refund policy
There are no refunds for any reason, due to the nature of this event.

souvenir t-shirts
All Wylie Ryan participants who enter an event by the Sunday (6:00 p.m.) before the event, will receive a free souvenir event shirt. 

We do our best to ensure that all participants receive the T-shirt size of their choice, but cannot guarantee sizing, even with advance entry.

Somersault Series souvenir shirts are available to those who enter the event on race weekend (late).

entry online
We recommend that you enter online, but you can drop off, or mail in entries if you wish at the advertised location - see the adult race on the same date for these locations.

drop off or mail in entries
To enter by hard copy entry form, please click on the ENTER NOW button, print out and complete the entry form, enclose a cheque made payable to Somersault Promotions (no credit cards please), and mail it to, or drop it at:

Somersault Event Series, 1915 Sunland Drive, Ottawa, ON K4A 3T4

payment of entry fees
Due to the large number of entries received on race weekend in 2016, and the disappointment of not receiving the souvenir shirt, we urge you to enter by the online entry deadline.  To encourage pre-event online entry, and to discourage late entries on race weekend, there is a late entry fee on race weekend (cash only).

rules and regulations
The event rules and regulations are set out in a separate section. It is your responsibility to know and have the kids adhere to the rules. Click on, to view the rules.

event day flow
It is important to be familiar with the flow of event day. Doing so will reduce anxiety levels on race day, and contribute to a smooth flowing event. Here are some tips to assist you in planning for race day.

  • Arrive at least one hour before the race start.
  • Do your best to pick up your race kit before race day.
  • Plan your drive to the the site well ahead of time.
  • Read the event and rules information before hand.
  • Go directly to the Race Kit Pick Up if you haven't already picked up.
  • Bring cash to Race Kit Pick Up if you are paying on race day.
  • Check out the site and plan your route to the start line.
  • Listen for morning announcements that may indicate changes.
  • Arrive at the start line 10 minutes early.
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