general information for triathlon & duathlon participants

somersault triathlon event series (swim-bike-run)*
The Somersault Triathlon Series is now in its 25th season. This year the Series includes 7 triathlons, from May through September.  In 2016, thousands of participants of all ages and stages took part in the Somersault Series (which includes Duathlons, Runs, and Kids' events), and we look forward to hosting even more of you in 2017. 

Each 2017 Somersault Series event will feature improvements based on our experiences and participant feedback from the 2016 season. Our goal is to continue to build the unique character of each event, and to strengthen our relationships with the communities in which they are held.

The Try a Tri events for novice participants are back by popular demand, as are the Super Sprint Triathlons, for those who like the short distance races but who don't qualify as Try A Tri-ers. We think you veterans with speed will like them.

The Sprint and Olympic distance races offer competition for the more fit, while for those who are very fit, tough, (and a little nuts :-), we offer the Canadian Iron 113 – a half iron distance triathlon and duathlon.
We hope you can find something you like in these event offerings, and that you give us a Tri in 2017!

somersault duathlon event series (run-bike-run)*
All the same great features above are offered in the 2017 Somersault Duathlon Series events.

somersault swimcycle events*
We have completely embraced the "SwimCycle" race concept and are offering these races at each of our events. SwimCycle races allow those, whose legs, knees, or hips are hurting, or those who just don't enjoy running, to test their fitness without running.

try a tri (swim - bike - run)*
In 2016, newcomers comprised 20% of the participants in Somersault events. Each of these newcomers received a finish medal, a souvenir shirt, a certificate, and was welcomed into the multi-sport world enthusiastically.

Although the Try a Tri program welcomes newcomers, the 6 races in 2017 are also for those who just want to do them for fun - you don't have to be a first timer.

*open road triathlon/duathlon/swimcycle events
We welcome junior participants in Somersault Events, but for safety reasons, open road triathlon/duathlon/swimcycle events are for those 14 years and older only.  There are still a great selection of (mainly Ottawa-based) events that offer closed-to-traffic cycling courses.

race info updates
We are proud of our pre-race Newsletter program, and again in 2017, we will be distributing 2 newsletters in the 2 weeks leading up to each event. These information packages are important as they announce  changes, recommend race day procedures, and respond to your questions.  Please be sure you have a valid email (home) address on your entry form if you wish to receive updated pre-event information. 

somersault junior event series
Somersault will continue to offer the Junior program in 2017. The Somersault Junior Series offers age categories; 13 & under, 14-15, 16-17, and 18-19. The Try A Tri, Super Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, and Sprint Duathlon at each Somersault event are appropriate for those 19 & under who are healthy.  Be aware that we do not permit those under 16 to cycle on roads that are open to motor vehicles.  A participant may; however, compete on a relay team at these events, as long as they are completing either the swim and/or run legs of a relay.  Please refer to each individual web page for details.

student entry fee discounts
All students, including university students, born in 1992 or later (and who are registered, full time students) receive a 10% entry fee discount at Somersault events. This discount program hopefully makes Somersault events more accessible to the younger participants who are still in school.  Please bring your student ID to race kit pick up.

somersault club and school fundraising program
The Somersault FUNdraising program allows youth groups, schools, or community groups to raise funds at Somersault events.  This program has unlimited potential for any group needing to raise funds, while avoiding the organizational effort, and financial risk of hosting their own event.  Go to http://www.somersault.ca/eventsfundraising.htm for more information on this opportunity.

somersault event race crew
Somersault Events provide unique work or volunteer experiences, and much needed income to students, workers, or retirees each summer.  These crew members work with our Somersault Event Leaders behind the scenes to help make events successful. 

Students can also earn community service hours in many of our events.
If you are interested in any of these race crew of volunteer opportunities, contact us at info@somersault.ca.

awards and medals
We provide medals to each finisher in every Somersault event. 

Participants finishing in the top 3 of each age, para, or relay category receive a finisher's gold, silver, or bronze medal "Lanyard", which will be presented (or can be picked up) soon after the event finishes at the awards table available after official results have been posted on race day. The 'Lanyard' must be claimed at the event.

The first place male and female in each race distance (except Try-a-Tri and Wylie Ryan Kids races) receives a merchandise prize. All participants are eligible for draw prizes at Somersault events, but you must be there to be claim your prize and it must be claimed on race day.

awards not picked up on race day
Award medal lanyards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, in all categories (excluding Wylie Ryan events), will be presented at an award ceremony, or may be picked up at the Awards Table. If you don't pick up the lanyard on race day, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (regular postage and one lanyard/envelope).  Please include a note indicating your event, distance, and category place to: Somersault Event Series, 1915 Sunland Drive, Ottawa, ON K4A 3T4, and we will mail it to you.

certificates of performance
Each finisher in a Somersault race, can access and download an official performance certificate on Friday after the event.  Simply ‘claim’ your results on the Sportstats page to gain access to your online performance certificate and any photos associated with the event.  Go to www.sportstats.ca.  Then, click on the +sign, beside your name.  You will have a choice of clicking on photo, certificate, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

sportstats timing 
We will be using the Sportstats Timing System at all Somersault Series events. All participants in an event must wear the assigned "Timing Chip" on their ankle.  

Pick up your timing chip at least 30 minutes before your race at the Sportstats tent near the finish line. Races will not be held up waiting for those who forgot their timing chip. 

You must return the timing chip immediately after crossing the finish line. Participants are charged $40 for lost Chips - so be sure to return it.

Results will be posted at the event, and will be posted online at http://www.somersault.ca/results.htm by race day evening.

your results and age category (age is as of December 31, 2017)
Your personal results will be posted on our results board on the event site very soon after you finish the event.  Please check the results as soon as you can, to be sure they are accurate.  If there are discrepancies, visit the Sportstats Van near the Finish Line and provide them with the information you think is correct.

Participant ages are determined as at December 31, 2017. Your age on that day will determine the age category in which you will be placed. As long as you enter your birth date correctly when entering, there won't be any age mistakes on your results.

souvenir shirt

Our event souvenir shirts are popular, and cool.  If your event entry is received by the online entry deadline (6:00PM Sunday before each race) you will receive one! There are no exceptions to this deadline, so enter early.  You may choose to upgrade to a souvenir Tech Shirt when you are entering online, at a higher fee.

We do our best to ensure that all participants receive the T-shirt size of their choice, but cannot guarantee sizing, even with advance entry.

Late entrants on race weekend will receive a Somersault Series souvenir shirt, not the event shirt.  

Please Note: You are eligible for the souvenir shirt only if you (or a friend on your behalf) attends at Race Kit Pick Up. If you do not pick up your race kit, you are not eligible for the souvenir shirt.  Please do not call to request a shirt after the event. 

participation categories
All Somersault Triathlon and Duathlon Events (except the Try A Tri and Wylie Ryan events) include age categories, for the purpose of allowing participants to compare themselves to others of the same age and gender.  

para athletes
Somersault is pleased to offer a number of ‘para recommended’ events in its triathlon series and run series. In partnership with The Tandem Project (formally known as Won With One) since 2009, Somersault works with athletes with disabilities to discuss which events would best accommodate the athletes’ needs.

Events in the Somersault Series which include para categories of participation can be found by searching “Participation Categories” on each individual event site.

Click here for the participation category and para event outline. 

Doctor assessments of disability are not required and we use a simplified system to encourage the participation of all.

If you are an athlete with a disability and would like to discuss your participation in Somersault Para Events or any other Somersault Events, contact christine@somersault.ca.

para categories
With "The Tandem Project" (formally known as Won with One) as our advisor, we are pleased to include a variety of para categories at select Somersault Events.  The para categories are: PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, PT5 and PT OPEN.

Once you have completed your regular online entry, please email christine@somersault.ca with your confirmation number and indicate in which para category you would like to participate. Guides for blind/visually impaired athletes are provided with a race bib and a finisher’s medal at no cost. 

Please email the guides' entry information to christine@somersault.caClick here for more details on the Para Categories.

food and refreshments
All finishers will be offered a granola bar, a banana, water, and eLoad or Skratch brand fluid replacement in the finish area following each race.  At select Somersault events, the Muscle MLK team will offer a full sample of Muscle MLK to all finishers 14 years of age or older. “Finish Every Workout Right”

aid stations on course
Water and eLoad or Skratch brand fluid replacement can be found every 2.5Km on all run courses. Longer distance participants will have additional aid station supplements at their aid stations.  Please check individual event web pages for more detail. 

courses and course measurement
All run courses are measured, and meet the generally accepted criteria of the sport. Swim courses are measured by GPS. Bicycle courses are measured by automobile odometer and are within 5% of the advertised distance.

Participants are responsible to know and to stay on the race courses at all times. The courses are described in the event web site entry information, and on the web site map. Maps will not generally be posted on race sites, so view and/or print them before race day.

All events are dependent on people power. We often make a donation to clubs or teams that can bring groups of their volunteers to the event. We also welcome family and friends of participants as volunteers on the day of the race - it’s a great way to get everyone involved! Contact us at info@somersault.ca. Most of the races also offer individual volunteers a souvenir shirt.

race day age

Participant age is determined as of December 31, 2017. Your age on that day will determine the age category in which you will be placed at each 2017 Somersault Event Series race.

entry fee conditions

Due to the nature of outdoor events and to the fact that entry fees fund event operations, Somersault has a no refund policy on entry fees. 

VISA, Master Card (online only), cheques, and cash are acceptable up to Sunday (6:00 p.m.) before each race.  Credit cards are accepted for online entries only, up to the closing of online entry on the Sunday before each race. 

Late entries received after that may only be made at the advertised Race Kit Pick Up time and location (cash only). Event souvenir shirts are not included with the late entry fee. The late entrants will receive a Somersault Series souvenir shirt instead (while quantities last). You must enter by the Sunday before each race, if you would like an event souvenir shirt. 

entry deadlines
Enjoy early season discounts! They are (up to):

1. December 31, 2016 - 15% off the entry fee (online only)   
2. March 15, 2017 - 10% off the entry fee (online only)
3. Monday two weeks before each race - Is the Regular Entry Fee Deadline
4. Sunday (6:00p.m.) before each race - Mail In, Drop Off, & Online Entry Deadline
5. Sunday before each race - Event Souvenir Shirt Deadline
6. Morning of the race - Late Entry Deadline

rules and regulations
The event rules and regulations are set out in a separate section on this website. Click on rules and race day tips to locate them. It is every participant’s responsibility to know and to adhere to the rules. Please take time to become familiar with them.

triathlon swim waves

Swim waves are developed to reduce the number of swimmers starting a triathlon at the same time. The decision on how many, and the order of swim waves is made on the day of the race by Somersault.

event day flow
For your ease of mind, it is important to know the flow on event day. Being familiar with Somersault event day procedures will reduce your anxiety level, contribute to a smoother flowing event, and result in a more positive personal experience. Here are some Somersault Series event tips that may be helpful to you, in planning your event day.

  • Arrive at least 1 Hour before the race start (even earlier if you have to pick up your Race Kit on race day).
  • Pick up your Race Kit before race day if at all possible.
  • Plan your drive to, and parking at the event, before race day.
  • Read all the event rules, information, and race tips before race day.
  • If you didn't pick up your race kit the day before, go directly to Race Kit Pick Up on arrival.
  • For late entries, go to the late entries table to fill out a form.  It is cash only for late entries. No other form of payment is accepted for late entries.
  • Pick up your Timing Chip at the Sportstats tent (it goes around your ankle).
  • Before entering the Transition Zone, please make sure your bicycle number is properly affixed to your bike stem and that your race number is clearly visible to transition zone volunteers.
  • Proceed to the Transition Zone to set up and familiarize yourself with the T-Zone flow.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes to use the toilets before the race.
  • Go to the body marking station in the T-Zone and find a 'buddy' for body marking.
  • Check out the start area, and plan your route to the start line.
  • Listen carefully to morning announcements for any race day changes.
  • Arrive at the start line at least 10 minutes early.
  • Have fun and thank a volunteer!

contact us
Contact us at info@somersault.ca if you have any questions, that are not answered above.

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