Kids Rules & Regulations


Children up to 11 years of age are allowed to enter the Somersault Wylie Ryan Kids' Event Series. Girls and boys are encouraged to participate for fun and fitness. These are participation events where winning is not rewarded - but participation is!

Each participant must be accompanied by an adult to the event. Parents and guardians may be asked to participate as volunteers at the event. Young children may have an adult or a person with whom they are comfortable, accompany them during their run/walk (at no cost). One authorized adult may accompany several children if need be.

The features, rules, and procedures of a Somersault Wylie Ryan Kids' event are outlined below. Specific information on an event, can be found by clicking on the web site for that specific event.

General procedures and information
How to enter
Click on the event in the web site calendar, and then click the "Enter Now" button. You can enter online or you can print the entry form, complete it, and mail it in, or drop it off.

Arrival and Instructions
Participants should arrive at the event at least 1 hour before race start. There is often a brief instruction session before the race. Parents should attend this session.

ChampionChip Timing Chip
Each participant must pick up a ChampionChip Timing Chip near the Finish Line at the Sportstats Tent before the race. IT MUST BE WORN around the ankle during the race.  The timing chip is collected by volunteers in the finish line chute.

Participant Kits
Participants may pick up their race kits at the advertised Race Kit Pick Up locations and times. Each participant receives a kit, containing a number bib, pins, and goodies donated by sponsors/supporters. Picking the kit up before race day is a good idea, as race morning can be very hectic.  Please bring the child’s registration confirmation for pick up.  Race numbers are to be visible on the FRONT.

Age Categories & Results
We do not offer competitive age categories or place awards in Somersault Wylie Ryan Kids' events.  All participants will receive a finish medal at the finish line, and they can check out their printed results on site, or online the evening after the race. They can be found at  Results are listed alphabetically.

Awards & Prizes
Each participant will receive a finish medal.  All participants are eligible for draw prizes. Check the results board for the posted draw prize list. You must be present to claim your draw prize on race day.

Certificates of Performance
Each finisher in a Somersault event, can access and download an official performance certificate on Friday after the event.  Simply ‘claim’ your results on the Sportstats page to gain access to your online performance certificate and any photos associated with the event.  Go to Then, click on the +sign, beside your name. You will have a choice of clicking on photo, certificate, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Each participant can access a banana, a bagel, water, and eLoad or Scratch brand fluid replacement in the finish chute after the race.  Muscle MLK it on site in our event recovery area, but only available to those 16 years of age or older.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $20 plus HST. You may enter on race weekend at Race Kit Pick Up/Late Entry locations. The late entry fee of $25 must be paid in cash. Late entrants receive a Somersault Series souvenir shirt, not an event shirt, but are invited to come back to registration after the run to see if we can swap the Series shirt for an event shirt.

The Rules:

    1. Participants must follow the courses.
    2. Participants must wear a timing chip around their ankle and their race # which must be visible from the front.
    3. Participants and parents must be courteous of others.
    4. Parents may provide assistance, or run along with the kids, but they must not improve the participant’s placing in the event.
    5. Have fun!

ipods, mp3s, walkmans and headphones 
We do not encourage the wearing of Ipods, MP3s, Walkmans or Headphones, etc, during the run portion of Somersault events. These devices may prevent you from hearing instructions from marshals, other participants, or vehicles, and they may put you at risk.

Such devises may not be worn during the bike portion of the event.

We know however that many of you wish to wear these devices during the run, so we do allow you to wear them during the run, but we do advise you that you do so at your own risk. In addition, we only allow you to use one ear phone, leaving the other ear free to hear officials’ directions, or even an oncoming vehicle.

lost. stolen, or damaged apparel or equipment 
It is important to understand that Somersault Event Series (2251389 Ontario Limited), and any of the organizations, businesses, or individuals participating in the organization and presentation of this event are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged apparel or equipment/property. The participant is solely responsible.

Event day flow
It is important to become familiar with the flow on event day. Doing so, will reduce anxiety levels, and will contribute to a smooth flowing event. Here are some tips to assist you in planning your day.

    • Read the event rules & regulations before race day.
    • Pick up your race kit before race day morning if possible.
    • Plan your drive to the event site, and your parking before race day.
    • Arrive at least 1 hour prior to your race start.
    • When arriving on site, go directly to Race Kit Pick Up (if you haven't already picked up)
    • Bring cash to Race Kit Pick Up (late entry table) if you are entering on the day.
    • Pick up and wear the ChampionChip timing chip around your ankle. 
    • Race number must be visible from the front.
    • Check out the site and plan your route to the Start Line.
    • Allow time for a toilet break before the race - 15 minutes. 
    • Listen for morning announcements that may indicate changes.
    • Arrive at the start line 10 minutes early.
    • Have a blast - thank a volunteer and “high 5” your fellow participants!