somersault rules & regulations for run participants

In Somersault Series events the inherent honesty and integrity of each participant is expected and respected.  The primary responsibility for fair and safe conduct lies with the participant.  Somersault Series events are organized for the race participants, who will ultimately decide how they conduct themselves.

It is each participant's responsibility to know and to adhere to the rules. Please take the time to become familiar with them.  Many run courses are on roads that the runners share with motor vehicle traffic. Although we do our best to ensure the safety of participants, it is incumbent on the participant to be aware of and respect motor vehicle traffic at all times.

Somersault Event Series rules exist for two basic reasons.  The first is to ensure the safety of each and every participant.  The second is to ensure that the competition is fair for all.  The rules for Somersault Series events reflect both of these factors.  They represent a set of conditions that are set out by our insurers, and/or are the accepted rules of the sport.  Participants in Somersault Series events must agree to follow these rules.

The IAAF Rules for Road Races are those to which the Somersault Event Series subscribes, unless set out differently herein. These can be viewed at

Participants breaking the rules are putting someone at risk, or gaining an unfair advantage over other participants.  Where the rules are infringed, penalties will be awarded.  However, the primary responsibility for rule enforcement lies with the participant.  When witnessing a rule violation by another participant, request that it stop, and if it doesn't, report it to an event official.

It is important to understand that Somersault Event Series (2251389 Ontario Limited), and any of the organizations, businesses, or individuals participating in the organization and presentation of a Somersault event are not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged apparel or equipment. The participant is solely responsible.

ipods, mp3s, walkmans, and headphones
We discourage the wearing of Ipods, MP3s, Walkmans or Headphones, etc, during the run portion of Somersault Series events. These devices may prevent you from hearing instructions from marshals, hearing other participants, or hearing approaching vehicles, and they may put you at risk.

We do know however, that many of you wish to wear these devices during running events, so we allow you to do so, but advise you that you do so at your own risk.

If you use a head phone or ear phone device, you should only have the hearing device in one ear.  This is to ensure you can hear the directions of marshals and officials - or an oncoming vehicle!

general race rules
Participants must complete the entire course unaided, except as provided at the official aid stations on the courses, or from time to time by spectators or friends.

Participants must wear the number supplied by the organizers on the front of their jersey during the run. Participants must have their torso is covered at all times during the event (shirtless is a no-no!).

Every participant must wear a ChampionChip Timing Chip around their ankle for timing purposes. Participants must follow the line of cones on the course.  Shortening the course by not following the cone line is against the rules.

Those who choose the "Walk" Category when entering a running event, must not run during the event.

Place awards will not be presented in the "Walk" cateogry, because it is viewed as a particpation category only.

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