2015 somersault triathlon & duathlon series
Welcome to the Somersault Triathlon & Duathlon Series.  The Series offers triathlon and duathlon events for participants of all ages and stages – from the very young to the very old, from the very fast to the very slow, and from the first timer to the veteran. Participants from 12 - 85 have found the events to their liking.

If you are looking to participate in your first one, you will find each Somersault Series event friendly and supportive.  The Try A Tri events will help ensure that your first triathlon will be a positive experience for you and your family.

Those looking for a more competitive experience will not be disappointed either.  Individual races feature the fastest at every distance, and the Champions Challenge offers a season long competition in age and gender categories, so you can compare yourself to others in your category and overall.  

The Somersault Triathlon & Duathlon Series truly has “Events for everyone … from start to finish”

2015 somersault triathlon & duathlon series
November 28
2014 Somersault Awards & Appreciation Reception
May 16
Early Bird Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Long Tri: 500m-35.4km-5km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-23.6km-5km)
(Try A Tri: 100m-11.8/km-2.2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 100m-11.8km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-23.6km)(Long Du: 2km-35.4km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2km-23.6km-5km)
June 13

Ottawa River Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Du: 5km-44.4km-10km)(Olympic Tri: 1500m-44.4km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-44.4km)(Sprint Tri: 500M-23.7km-5Km)(Try A Tri: 200m-13.3km-3km) (Super Sprint Tri: 200m-13.3km-5km) Swim Tri Relay: (Swim 500m-23.7km-5km) (Sprint Du: 3km-23.7km-5km)

June 27
Smiths Falls 
Smiths Falls Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)
(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-20km) (Sprint Du 2Km-20Km-5Km)
July 12  

Sydenham Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-40km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-40km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2km-20km-5km)

August 1

National Capital Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-40km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-40km)(Sprint Tri: 500m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 500m-20km) (Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Kids: Surf n Turf) (Sprint Du: 2km-20km-5km)(Olympic Du: 5km-40km-10km)

August 16

Thousand Islands Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Olympic Tri: 1500m-41.2km-10km)(Olympic SwimCycle: 1500m-41.2km)(Sprint Tri: 750m-20km-5km)(Sprint SwimCycle: 750m-20km) (Try A Tri: 200m-20km-2.3km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-20km-5km) (Sprint Du: 2.3km-20km-5km)

September 5  

Canadian Iron 113 Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays
(Iron 113 Tri: 1.9km-90km-21.1km) (Iron 113 SwimCycle: 1.9km-90km) (Iron 113 Du: 2km-90km-21.1km) (Olympic Triahtlon: 1500m-45km-10km) (Sprint Tri: 750m-30km-5km)(Sprint Du: 2km-30km-5km) (Try A Tri: 200m-15km-3km)(Super Sprint Tri: 200m-15km-5km)

November 27
2015 Somersault Awards & Appreciation Reception
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