COVID-19 Updates

*June 3, 2020*

Scheduled Events 
The following events have been as yet unaffected by COVID-19:

Ottawa Fall Colours Run

*Because of the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, the status of this event may change in the future.

Cancelled Events
All of the following Triathon, Duathlon, and Running events are cancelled for 2020:

Early Bird – May 16
Britannia Park – June 6 
Smiths Falls – June 20
Sydenham – July 5
National Capital – July 25
K-Town August 2**
Thousand Islands – August 16
Canadian – September 5

**Please refer to Multisport Canada for transfer/refund policy for the K-Town triathlon

Event Transfers
For any event cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, event entries will be transferred to 2021. Transfers will be processed in the fall when we have received directives from municipal and provincial governments. 

Refunds will not be possible.

*April 3, 2020*

🎵What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours…🎵 as the song goes.

We are all seeing hearing and living the daily changes.


Thank you for your current entry in one of Somersault’s spring events –including The Early Bird, the Britannia Park events, and/or the Smiths Falls Classic.

What’s New?

Last week we were announcing our plans to work with Sportstats to bring you a virtual race. This week, Sportstats announced their ‘global’ virtual race for those who compete in triathlon or duathlon. The event(s) offer a chance to “race” against other competitors, offers a wide variety of distances, is linked to various coaching portals, and is FREE for all. Registration is now open and you can sign up here

What does this mean for my Somersault entry?

All those who are pre-registered for any triathlon, duathlon, or run in the months of May or June, will be offered a PROMO CODE to next year’s event. Somersault will transfer 100% of your entry to the same event in 2021. We’re even covering the initial transfer fees! Our 2021 event website is typically up and running by the first week of December so we will be in touch with you later in the year with your PROMO code and instructions on when and how you can redeem it. We’ll also be giving all of you a chance to transfer to a different race or transfer your registration to a friend or family member (a transfer fee will apply in this case). Some conditions apply. Swag and upgrades are extra.

Currently registered in later-in-the-season Somersault events?

As we ride the Coronavirus pandemic out together (apart, but together in spirit), we will update our participants accordingly.

What else needs to be done?

  • Keep training (on your own is best – indoors or outside, keeping in place the social distancing practices that you have been practicing for a few weeks now!)
  • Sign up for your first virtual race
  • Wash your hands
  • Wait for us to get back to you later this year with your PROMO CODE for 2021.
  • Stay Safe and Play Safe!

When this is over, we will truly “See you at the races”………..

Christine and Adam

*March 24, 2020*

An Important Message From Somersault Events About COVID-19
As the COVID-19 situation and directives from our governments and public health agencies continue to evolve quickly, we have decided to pause new registrations for Somersault’s first three multi-sport events this season which include The Early Bird Tri/Du and Run, The Britannia Park Tri/Du and Run, and the Smiths Falls Classic Tri/Du and Run.

What does this mean?
Working with our event partners and in cooperation with Sportstats, we will be hosting these first three events virtually. We anticipate that in the coming weeks, Sportstats will have their virtual race platform fully running (yes…… “running”) so that you can too! So keep training as you are able! We will be emailing you with more details about how you can swim (although we may adapt those registered in the triathlon, to do a duathlon instead), bike, and run and then download your results to share.

We will also offer a virtual finish line so you still have those bragging rights! We will update you once we have the full virtual platform from Sportstats. We are taking things one event at a time!

Please know that any donations you have made to the supporting charities of these three events will be paid out, in full and directly to the charities. These charities continue to provide essential services and much needed support to our community in this time of crisis, and they need our support more than ever.


The Somersault Event Series is the pre-eminent event series in Eastern Canada consisting of triathlon, duathlon, and running events for all ages and abilities.



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