Somersault Local Heroes

Congratulations! You’re one of Somersault’s Local Heroes! Thanks for representing the Somersault triathlon & duathlon community on the world stage! Tag us in your posts as you compete in these Virtual Races and use the hashtag #SomersaultLocalHero

NameTri Club/TeamVirtual RacesRace Report
Alan DempseyHuman Power PerformanceIronman Virtual ClubNailed a 10km PB in the VR2 Olympic. Great experience doing the 40k effort together with our club on Zwift!
Kim Schryburt-BrownTriDotIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/DuI’m missing the swim, but loving how I can spend the whole weekend competing! I’m also enjoying competing against people around the world, it’s a whole new challenge.
Joelle CantinHuman Power PerfomranceIronman Virtual Club
Ludwig FichteHPPIronman Virtual ClubGood experience to stay motivated und to push yourself a bit harder once in a while. Beat my three year old personal best for 10k running! Would like to participate in more of the longer virtual endurance events.
Darcia KmetIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/DuCompleted 2 IM VRs so far. Brilliant idea to keep athletes of all levels active and motivated during these times. Downside of IM VR is that it records your first successful distance vs. your best effort of a segment. Also, it seems that participants are not always being honest about their times. I will be participating in all 3 upcoming Somersault DU VRs. For one, they are offering the best effort approach. But most important, they have been there to allow us to race over the years, so I feel like it’s our turn to support their world VR tour.
Lindsey RoosSportstats Virtual Tri/Du
Jessica DempseyHuman Power PerformanceIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/Du, Ottawa Race WeekendI’ve enjoyed virtual racing more than I thought I would. I’ve loved training online with friends and cheering each other on virtually while completing events. It’s made the isolation feel a little less lonely. Hopefully through this experience we’ll emerge as a stronger triathlon community.
Annabelle MineaultHPPIronman Virtual Club
Jean-François LeMayHPPIronman Virtual Club, Ottawa Race WeekendAwesome! Allows me to challenge myself! Looking forward to ORW VR.
Chris SliwkaHuman Power PerformanceIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/DuIt’s a great way to stay engaged and challenge myself. I achieved a couple of PB efforts that I wouldn’t have otherwise pushed with regular training. It’s fun to set up a virtual group ride to race against familiar names in real time. Unfortunately there are some limitations because some people are not honest with the efforts/times that are uploaded but it’s fantastic for personal motivation.
Patrick KehoeIronman Virtual Club
Scott VernonIronman Virtual ClubA totally different experience.. but the same result! Awesome virtual support and encouragement from friends, family and new tri buddies from around the globe! From Strava, Zwift, Garmin, the Great Canadian Running support circle has grown 10 fold!
Marc RoyIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/Du
Kirsten Carroll SomozaSportstats Virtual Tri/DuDid the bike on mixed gravel, trail, and road - not fast by any means, but the best way I've found to enjoy solo riding. Was great to see some familiar names on the leaderboard, even if we can't see each other in person. I appreciate the efforts of those who've worked hard to give us these virtual events. Thank you!
Jean-marc TremblayIronman Virtual ClubI miss the excitement and meeting people (And the finish line LOL)
Nicholas FournierIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/Du, Triathlon Canada Indoor World SeriesLove to do it
Jane ArmstrongIronman Virtual Club, Sportstats Virtual Tri/Du, Ottawa Race WeekendThe experience of virtual racing is a refreshing change from my usual structured training program incorporating local races leading up to the Duathlon World Championships. It has helped my motivation to run and bike for fun, fitness, and achievement of personal goals. Looking forward to taking part in the Sportstats physical distancing 5K races this summer as well.
Clare GallantSportstats Virtual Tri/Du, Ottawa Race Weekend


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