Somersault Welcomes New Strategic Partner for Key Event

Somersault’s summer series continued over the weekend (June 8) at the Britannia Park Triathlon, Duathlon, and Run. Formerly known as the Ottawa River, this key event was rebranded and welcomed a new strategic partner. 

City of Ottawa Bay Ward councillor Theresa Kavanagh will partner with the Britannia Park event in order to support the important Britannia Woods House charity as well as grow the event and promote participation in healthy active lifestyles in both Bay Ward and Ottawa. 

Partnership with Theresa Kavanagh

“I am proud to announce that I will be co-sponsoring the Britannia Park Triathlon & Duathlon and Run At Home in Bay Ward. This is an opportunity for the community to come out and support a local athletic event and cheer people on or participate. The Britannia Park Triathlon & Duathlon and Run will be fundraising for Britannia Woods Community House to give local children in need more opportunities for summer programs. I hope you will join us for this exciting event.” –Theresa Kavanagh on the parternship with Somersault Events

Britannia Park has been a staple of the Ottawa triathlon community for nearly 20 years and this new partnership will allow Somersault to continue to grow this event. Healthy active living and participation in sport is no longer just a trend. It is becoming a staple of modern lifestyle choices among those between the ages of 25 and 60.

Postive Sentiment and Branding

Politicians and local businesses are beginning to recognize the potential these events have on positive sentiment for their individual and corporate brands. Recent studies have shown that consumers are more likely to hold a positive sentiment with a brand if that brands endorses, encourages, or is associated with healthy active lifestyles. Not only does a partnership with an event series like Somersault provide valuable visibility to branding, it creates positive sentiment through association with these types of events. 

Continued Growth

Britannia Park’s registration numbers support an overall trend in growth of Somersault’s events year-over-year. Similar to the Early Bird event, Britannia Park saw a 12.5% increase in participation over 2018 and a  20% growth in revenue. 

The Stats


Over 50% of participants were between the ages of 30 & 50 years old. This represents not only the largest age group but also the most the most active consumers with the greatest buying power and motivation to spend. 


Somersault has nearly an equal share of male and female participants providing an excellent opportunity to market products and services tailored to both or either gender for maximum visibility.   


The vast majority of our participants are local to Ottawa while 16% travelled more than 100km to participate in the Britannia Park event. Factoring both growth and geographic location of participants this would indicate a growth in popularity of triathlon within the Ottawa region, while still being attractive to those coming from other major markets including Montreal, Toronto, & Kingston. 


Somersault provides its strategic partners with a wide variety of opportunities for visibility and engagement with both participants of individual events and the broader community. We feel it is important to leverage both modern techniques via social media and digital marketing while maintaining grassroots engagement with onsite and physical placement. 

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Somersault has gone to great lengths to modernize its digital presence with a complete overhaul of our website and social media channels. Somersault has increased its reach on Facebook by 59% in the past two years while maintaining an email database of 24,000 past participants and followers. 

Somersault’s website receives  an average of 35,000 hits per month between May and September and 15,000 per month throughout the winter months. Average monthly hits grew 50% in Q1 from 2018 to 2019. Not only has Somersault’s active registrations increased, but its reach and audience has improved significantly in the past two years. The event page for the Britannia Park event was viewed 3300 times in the 30 days leading up to the event. 

Grass Roots and Onsite Marketing

Somersault recently invested in new Start/Finish and finish chute infrastructure opening new channels for physical advertising and visibility. 

The photo to the right shows the potential for barrier signage and logo placement. At each event these finish chutes are lined with spectators and athletes cheering on their family and friends. This is a moment of joy and excitement. Many memorable moments are captured here in photographs that will be shared across social media by participants. 

Physical branding at the finish chute provides long-lasting and widespread reach for businesses. The context of the placement provides only for positive sentiment and association with happiness, joy, fulfillment, and accomplishment.

Active Engagement and Product Placement

For businesses with applicable products, Somersault provides opportunities for engaged sampling and sales of products at event expos and in race kits. Each race kit contains pertinent equipment for race execution (swim caps, race numbers, helmet/bike stickers etc) requiring the athlete to actively engagement with its contents. Pamphlets and product samples make excellent additions to race kits. 

A Smart Choice

As the 2019 event season gets underway Somersault registration numbers for upcoming events provide an insight into the overall growth of the series in 2019. Current registrations for upcoming events are up between 12-20% over last year. With six more triathlon events and a marquee running event still to come, Somersault is in an excellent position to provide value for potential partners as they seek to develop and improve the awareness and sentiment of their branding and improve sales and patronage of their businesses. 

To discuss opportunities, reach out to Ian Fraser at


The Somersault Event Series is the pre-eminent event series in Eastern Canada consisting of triathlon, duathlon, and running events for all ages and abilities.



Registration Paused Due to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation and directives from our governments and public health agencies continue to evolve quickly, we have decided to pause new registrations for Somersault’s first three multi-sport events this season which include The Early Bird Tri/Du and Run, The Britannia Park Tri/Du and Run, and the Smiths Falls Classic Tri/Du and Run.

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