Spirit of Somersault Award

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the annual Graham Beasley and Chris Beer Memorial Spirit of Somersault Awards.

The awards are being introduced to preserve the memory and influence of these two impressive individuals who were “proud competitors, loyal supporters and friends to fellow participants”. Both Graham Beasley and Chris Beer pursued their own personal event goals at Somersault events, and more importantly cheered on, encouraged, and helped fellow participants who were in pursuit of their own personal goals.

There are so many inspiring stories that come to us out of Somersault Events. We invite you to share those with us in the form of a nomination of a fellow participant for the Graham Beasley or Chris Beer Memorial Spirit of Somersault Award.

Their story can be one of making the podium and the determination it took to get there, a selfless act during an event, or how a season long story of ongoing participation inspired those around them.

The Graham Beasley Award will be presented to a participant in Somersault Run events, and the Chris Beer Award will be for a participant in Somersault Triathlon/Duathlon events. These awards will be presented to the participant who best exemplifies the traits (as described by the person who submits on their behalf) which made Graham and Chris so special.

Submissions will be limited to one page, and must revolve around participation in Somersault events within each calendar/participation year.

Please include:
• Nominee name and contact email
• Submitters’ name and contact email
• Event name and date
• The story

Submissions will be acknowledged and accepted between February and October with the final submission date being October 31st each year at info@somersault.ca. The annual review panel will be made up of three representatives:
• A Somersault Director
• A family/friend designate of the family of either Graham Beasley or Chris Beer
• A Somersault representative


The Somersault Event Series is the pre-eminent event series in Eastern Canada consisting of triathlon, duathlon, and running events for all ages and abilities.